Saturday, May 4, 2013

Heart Felt Pillows, Charity Deals, And Amazing Memories

Recently I attended a charity event my sister -in-law told me about a couple of months ago. Because I volunteered and donated to it, I was able to grab some FABULOUS deals and fill up my closet with a car load of clothes. Each outfit cost me maybe $2-$10. But it was all high end, high fashion donations from noticeably wealthy people who probably wanted to clean out their closets so they had an excuse to go to the metroplex 2 hours away to go shopping. I can't believe they actually accepted my "fat jeans"! Not only were they the biggest size they accepted, but I definitely don't own anything high-end. I doubt they sold....but I thought they were awfully cute even if I did look like a rhino in them!

I got a suit I probably will never wear unless someone dies. But, since my ex is still alive and my kids are under 18, I surmise I will be going to court at least once in the next few years. This suit will be perfect for that.
I just LOVE the deep plum color!
I also got a few other things.....

I found a lot of very cool jewelry. I'm not usually big on jewelry so it said a lot that I was smitten by those pieces.

 This dress was handmade and hand beaded from Egypt. With all of the layers and gathering, it's conservative enough to wear to church.
 I'm wearing the denim jacket that was pictured above hanging on my closet door. Even the purse is new!
 I couldn't be happier with print, the soft cotton, or the glistening beads that light up my face. I am wearing one of the many jewelry pieces I got.
The teal in this criss cross cotton dress really plays up my red hair. My husband thinks it brings out my ultra-violet white skin. :P Hey, have you ever seen a natural redhead with olive or dark skin?!

I wore the teal dress to my mom-in-law's birthday party. Before the party my husband and I (yes, in this dress!) planted the rose bush we got her among other things.....

I made this super pretty heart shaped pillow from denim, white eyelet lace/cotton, and a pin striped blue cotton print. Since she loves blue and is very informal, country person, the pillow is perfect for her.Even the font I used is called "Giddyup", a very cowboy-ish country style. The words "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams" was hand embroidered on one side of the pillow.
Doesn't it look AMAZING on her bed? All I had to do to make the pillow was draw a large heart by hand onto paper and cut the fabric out. And, apparently I have "arrived" at being a knowledgeable source of sewing and crafting because my little sister called today to ask me how to make decoupaged globes. Until now, everyone in the family called her about anything craft related.

Well, the hubby is home.....hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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  1. Life is good. Yep, it does feel good when people ask your opinion. There is no greater compliment. I love the done good!