Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Role Reversal Behind The Sewing Machine

When I was little, all I had to do was ask mom for something and it would end up being secretly made in her sewing room and then magically appearing under the Christmas tree months and months later after I had watched enviously all the other kids in the world play with that doll, wear that outfit, etc. I didn't really understand or appreciate the time and energy put into those creations. maybe I would have been less impatient had I known back then. I am just glad when I asked her for a cat that it didn't come handmade too! Fortunately it was the breathing kind and it only took about 18 months or so to get one. :P

Now it's mom who is dating. Mom who is the great grandma. Mom who goes to fun places while I clean dirty noses and toilets with weird kid experiments stuck to them. I am the one chained to my house and making my children the ever-growing list of things they beg for me to make. Somehow even after losing 44 pounds I still resemble Santa Claus to them! haha.

I guess I do have the white hair and wear red a lot.....

I recently bought from the Fabric Shack (an online fabric store...try them out!) some coordinating/cousins fabrics from the same designer. One is predominately green and the other is predominately orange. The third is mostly blue. While I love all of them (duh), the mostly blue one up close screamed mom's name, not mine. Chances are she will be on more dates than me anyway and she needs something NOT from 1960 when she was on her last date. ;D

Here are the three fabrics....

I'm not normally a fan of these colors. But i really love these fabrics!

So I went to work on mom's blouse while juggling customer's orders on their clothes at the same time. I won't post the pictures of the blouse due to her not getting it in the mail yet....and I want it to be a surprise. However, I will tease you with a snap shot of the neckline. Mom wanted a very plain blouse. I could have done a empire waist, drawstring and/or tie waist, embroidery, shirr the blouse, had an elastic bottom hem, etc. But mom wanted the plainest blouse possible. With this sort of print, I hardly call it plain though! And, I personally find it much more modern and sexy and stylish than something from 1960. :D

My hat's off to mom...I simply don't know how in the hell one can re-enter the dating scene after 40 years! The dating scene is brutal as it is !
I promise the neckline isn't crooked...I was VERY busy and in a rush when I snapped this shot!


  1. Like riding a bicycle, we don't forget some things!!! Love the fabric, love the neckline, love the daughter! Looking forward to it coming in the mail.

    1. I hardly think you will have the same reaction to the blouse as I did to the things you made for me!