Saturday, April 6, 2013


I'm sorry I haven't written in about a week. I opened my new shop at Etsy last week...and it was a success! I've already had a sale. I did try to write a short post but Blogger has been acting weird lately and crashed before saving my post, thus a huge waste of my time!

Along with opening a new store, I've been undertaking a huge project.....a sow and her 6 piglets. Don't worry mom, these aren't real like the last one! This is a 2 foot long plush sow that lactates and births 6 piglets that are about 5 inches long. The sow is HUGE! I'm nearly done with her; the piglets are already completed. When I bought the pattern I was uber stoked about making the pigs. However, after 3 piglets, I got really sick of seeing pink baby/minky fleece! My stamina and motivation waned and dribbled dry. Thus, it took me a week to finish the project. I am soooooo glad it's over. I LOVED how it turned out, but it was soooo time consuming. Let's just say I don't want to make any more piggies anytime soon!

My camera battery died right after a couple of shots of the I took the following shots while it was on the charger....and they are kinda blurry.....sorry. I will have MUCH better pictures of them in my shop soon. Also, more pictures of the sow, which I have yet to complete.

Please note that the funny blue marks on the sow's butt are markings of where I want to put her brown patches....the sow doesn't have varicose veins :p I have yet to close her up after stuffing her too!
Does this micro-penis looking tail make my butt look big???
Here teats are made of velcro. The sow had a c-section :D
I'm naming the sow "Ms. D'Swine" get it? haha.

"Rebel"~ never trust a winking pig! This one also has a mischievous grin and the only one with a brown tail.

"Pinocchio" named after his large snout

"Diva" the only female piglet

"Holy Moly" has a mole on his butt

"Curly" has a curly tail, unusual for piglets
So cute when they are nursing!

"Big Daddy" who is a lot plumper than the others

Their velcro noses help them stick onto the teats. This is such a hoot!
I guess you will have to check out my new store in the next day or two to see more of these precious piggies!

My next project will be a bit more self gratifying... I am making myself a dress out of jersey knit. Right now I am wearing jeans to church because I don't have anything else that fits me now that I have lost like 45 pounds! :(

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