Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Peasant Dress With Bustle: How I Did It

Peasant style dresses seem to dominate the Internet because they are so easy to make, are so versatile, and they can be altered with ease....even for the novice sewer. I made the one below with a bustle in the back. Here's how I did it!

I first got a simple peasant dress pattern....you can make one easily or you can hit the Internet and find one. I personally recommend this link for one (and it's free).

Basically you will follow the very simple instructions in making the dress with one exception. When you go to cutting the back piece of the dress (the dress only has two pieces, how simple is that?!), only make the top half of the back piece. That's because the bottom half of the back will become a bustle.

Some people get very creative and actually make the entire back half piece of the dress....then, they cut a sloping slit in the back....like this one, but this one is in the front, not back....

If you are an intermediate sewer, you can easily pull this off practically in the dark or with your eyes closed. Just get your pattern and slope two lines down the middle of the pattern piece!

If you aren't that creative or that experienced with sewing, you can do what I did.....somewhat like this dress:

I chose this route because I didn't want to mess around with pattern making....though I easily could have, and because this dress I made is meant for a small infant who will likely be laying on her back anyway the whole time and be more comfortable if her bustle isn't protruding out like some horrible tumorous growth! :P

The bottom half of my back piece is just lots of ruffles in soft, white lace. It compliments, but doesn't compete with, the gorgeous chiffon fabric in a sweet, pink, floral print. I then added 3/4 sleeves in the same soft lace.
this is the back....how cute!

The front....no ruffles but lots of details
If you want to see more of the dress, or get it for a knockout price, you can see it at my Etsy shop!

Finally, in an unrelated matter, I ran across another funny video from my favorite actor, Jim Carrey. He is impersonating Mr. Rogers, my favorite t.v show growing up. Mr. Rogers was the only celebrity who's death made me cry. I just LOVED Mr. Rogers! Here's the video....hope you get as great of a laugh as I did!


  1. Everything about Jim Carrey is disgusting to me. And this just confirms it for me.

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way. I realize that particular video was controversial. When I have a bad day with my kids dad (ex)I watch Jim Carrey videos to cheer myself up. It seems to be the only non-pharmaceutical way to elevate my mood!