Friday, March 15, 2013

Toddler Pinafore Tutorial Sewing Instructions

A while back I bought a toddler pinafore to use as a sewing pattern. I could have bought a pattern, but they are expensive and hard to understand in my opinion.

I traced the pinafore to use in the future when I wanted to make more of them. I could have used regular paper for the pattern, but I knew I would be using this unique pinafore pattern so I used a more durable files. Laugh all you want, but it's what I had and it works perfect. It will last and last as long as I take good care of it!

What I love about it is the fact that it's a simple one piece pattern. If you add a lining, it becomes reversible. I highly suggest one puts a lining in it because it makes it look better. You do see the lining or the reversed side from the back because of the criss cross style. You can get this pinafore pattern in many places online. I haven't found it for free yet. :(

I chose an ever popular owl print for both layers of my pinafore. I then pinned them right sides together....
Both layers took a yard of fabric for me. It will yield a size 1-3 toddler. The wide variance in size is because the pinafore fits an apron. One can wear it as a dress, pinafore, an apron (though there are much easier apron patterns out there that take far less fabric to make!)....even a tunic later on as it becomes short but fits elsewhere! I think it would be cute over a onesie or leggings.

The longest "arms" or straps will have buttonholes. The shorter "arms" or straps will have buttons. Use flat buttons NOT shank ones because that would obviously feel more comfortable against the matter how one wears it.

I chose to bolster the cotton satin fabric with interfacing on the buttonhole part of the straps. I didn't have any of the fancy kind one normally would use, so I used white wool was what I had on hand and felt doesn't wiggle around, it's sturdy, it washes well, and it's not lumpy, too thick, or ravel. Perfect!

 All I have to do is sew 1/4 inch all around this pinafore. How simple is that?! Cutting it out was a different story though. :/ That's a LOT of cutting!

Here's the end result....I left a two inch gap at the bottom to turn the dress right side out and then closed it up with my sewing machine. Did I mention how stinkin' FABULOUS my machine is???! Oh yea. It embroiders, it quilts (not sure when I will make one though....) and it overlocks the hems....why need an expensive serger when you can get the exact results from a regular machine that overlocks the hems??!

front of one side....yea, I know, I need to iron this!

front of other side....

back of one.....

and back of other....
No scary zippers, no snaps, and I just figured out how to use my buttonhole presser foot.....what a fabulous day!


  1. Thank u mom. Thank you for reading and commenting. I have made some shirts for myself already. Im having A LOT of fun with this machine! I am just teaching myself as i go pushing buttons and experimenting. Its like being a baby and learning about the world for the first time!