Monday, March 11, 2013

Wrap Around Onesie Tutorial And FREE Pattern

I FINALLY got my new sewing machine! That's why I haven't written lately. I have been having so much fun with this awesome thing!!! I went with the Singer 7258 Stylist because I do many different things with a sewing machine, so it's capability to embroider, quilt, and regular sew was important. It also has 100 stitches and is fully automatic and computerized. I couldn't afford to get the one that plugs into your computer. I'm glad I didn't get it anyway. I am still overwhelmed a bit with this one! however, it has been relatively easy to learn and get used to.
I finished my grandsonn's romper finally. It turned out so cute....all black corduroy....but short sleeved as he will be born at the end of this month ....Texas is usually a little warmer by that time.

I also made a wrap around onesie for my new shop I will someday open. I want to take care of some family things, finish all of my dental surgeries ( I have another one tomorrow!), and have some inventory to actually put in my shop when that day comes. I am currently having a clearance/shop closing sale at my Etsy store, Far Out Sprouts.

If you want to make the cute onesie below, first download the pattern here.

I used 1/2 a yard of waffle textured jersey knnit and 2 yards of binding. I bought both at They have the best stuff ever!

I'm not the best teacher, but maybe you can follow my train of thought on this one......

Forgive the horrible blur and over exposure on that picture! UGH. I have NO idea what happened! Anyway, I put the slightly shorter front flap marked "inside" on the pattern on the inside and the bigger (has a deep rounded part at the bottom) on the outside or on top of the inside flap. EVERYTHING IS RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. Sew only the shoulder seams right now.

This is what you should have when you do the shoulder seams

Now add bias tape of your chose or make your own and sew it along the neckline and  around the  edges of the inside and outside flaps.
Don't do anything to the sides or bottom of the onesie yet!

There are many ways to sew on bias tape. Mine always turn out bad until I stumbled upon a nifty idea to sew one side of the bias tape to the raw edge of the fabric and then fold over the bias tape and zig zag the bias tape closed....ziag zaging over the straight seam you originally made in the first step. Here is what I mean...

I am sewing a straight stitch to the bias tape I have just pinned the crap out of  along my desired route of fabric....a lot  of pinning means it won't dance away from you. :)
Here is the finished results of zig zaging the bias tape that i folded over the fabric edhe after stright stitching it. Zig zag stitching looks nice and allows the fabric to stretch and move with an active child.
You will now add bias tape to the crotch part of the main piece of fabric....NOT the two flaps...they are done with bias tape and won't have anymore added.

Here's what you should have now if opening the onesie up and spreading it out. Ignore my 10 yr old's coin collection. :/
Make three or so pieces of fabric to stabilize your future snaps that will hold the flaps to gether. Mine were just oblong-ish shapes of like 2 by 3 inches and I zig zaged around the edges to make it look more finished. Knit doesn't ravel so it doesn't matter what you do. No one will look at the flaps anyway!

one piece goes to the bigger flap....the one with a longer crotch.

two ;pieces go to the smaller or inside flap.
here is what you should have after sewing up the sides and the sleeve sides. DON'T  SEW THE CROTCH  !

 Here is what you will have when you turn everything right side out. Now, iron it and sew in those snaps and you're done!

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