Thursday, February 28, 2013

Following Trends Are Important In Business

As promised in my previous post, Easy Success Tips In Starting A Craft Business, I want to share with you where the best places on trends can be found...both on the Internet and in person. It is crucial to have an intimate knowledge of fashion and where to look for knowledgeable resources in this area no matter what craft you are making for your business. I can't reiterate this enough!

  1. Fashion Fame: This is a site encompassing the who's who of clothing fashion. If you love celebrities, you'll love this site. I find the site a bit overstimulating on the wealth of information, IMO. But perhaps that's just me.
  2. Fashion Trendsetter: I found this site much more "user friendly" and cohesive. It was more organized and easier to navigate too. No surprise, the trending color for 2013 is emerald green. My little sister will love that!
  3. E-fashion trends:  I didn't gain a whole lot of information from this site....that interested me anyway. But, if you wish to know what hairstyle or wedding dress is in style, this may be the site for you! Don't count on me cutting off all of my hair though!
  4. House Beautiful: If you make handmade home decor like I sometimes do, this site may help some. While not completely informative, I found the information spot on with accuracy. I have seen many local and online shops featuring these posted trends.
  5. MSN Living: MSN has 10 designer picks for 2013....and brass seems to be one of them. While I may be "stuck" in the 80's with my fashion, I'm not sure I want to incorporate brass in my home! It seems so.....70's?
  6. Houzz: I liked this site so much that I highlighted it! It was very informative and easy to navigate through the site. It had great pictures to illustrate what they were talking about. After all, without the pictures, I would never ever know what the heck "Suzani prints" and "Hollywood 40s Noir style" were!
  7. Top 5 Home Decorating Trends:   According to this list, rustic, wood furnishings will be very popular in 2013. I'm glad because this is how I like to decorate my house! As a "tree hugger", I enjoy rummaging through antique stores in search of a great find and then bringing it home for some TLC and sprucing up.
  8. Good Housekeeping:This well trusted site shares with us 11 savory trends for 2013. Not surprisingly, emerald green again takes the #1 spot!
  9. Marie Claire: If you don't follow fashion trends in Europe, you're shooting yourself and the success of your business. Europe is where all great fashion (home, clothing,etc) starts! This slideshow is very informative of what is predicted to be the best, most fresh 2013 trends.
  10. Vogue: I couldn't leave this heavy hitter out of the list. I saw many of these designs at the Oscar Awards recently. A definite site to check out!
I've also seen a lot of cut out sleeves that seem to be so popular that it's even meandering around to my hillbilly neck of the woods! I plan to "upfashion" some of old, tired, too big blouses into creative cut outs as soon as I get my new sewing machine.
Happy creating!

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