Friday, February 8, 2013

How To Make Macy Rabbit Cat Booties For Easter

Last Easter I made the most adorable bunny booties for Easter. I thought the maroon wool felt and the contrasting pastel cotton fabrics really blended well together. Here's what I mean:

I don't claim to be an expert at making baby shoes. I still struggle with confidence when it comes to making shoes.

What makes the Macy Rabbit Cat Booties so phenomenal is the fact that they can be altered and varied with  only the limits of your imagination. If made exactly like shown/instructed, they slip off and on conveniently  As a mother of 6, I suggest one to make a strap across the booties as you see above (my rendition of the booties). This way, they are still easy to take off and on for the parent (simply unsnap or unbutton them), BUT, they are NOT easy for baby to take them off!

For this pair of shoes you will need the following....feel free to choose any fabric and embellishments as you desire. You pretty much can't screw these shoes up (even a novice sewer like me can make them) and you can alter their appearance in countless ways. So fun!


44 inches wide of velvet. (I used cotton quilting batting, it's cheaper!)
1/4 yard of exterior fabric (I used the cotton striped fabric)
18 in. by 12 in. wool felt for lining


1 spool of thread (one may use hand or machine sewing)
Polyester Fiberfill (I used hypoallergenic fill because everyone in my family has allergies so I'm super aware of the need for these types of items).
2-3 colors (your choice) of embroidery thread. (I used maroon...sorry, I can't remember the exact DMC number)

You will also need your usual stash of sewing supplies like scissors, seam ripper, fabric pencil, needles, etc.

(4) Upper Side Pieces
(2) Upper Toe Pieces
(2) Sole Pieces

(2) Lining Upper Pieces
(2) Sole Pieces

(2) Outer Ear Pieces
(2) Inner Ear Pieces
(2) Tail Pieces

**You will also need the pattern. I got this pattern from 
The finished products may only be made by crafters. It may 
not be mass produced. ** CLICK HERE FOR PATTERN. (pattern comes in an AWESOME PDF format. You're welcome. ;P )

The aforementioned link to the pattern also has the rest of the tutorial. Have fun! Post some pictures of your cute booties below. 

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