Monday, February 18, 2013

The Grandbaby Is Coming Must Make A Romper!

It's a little known fact outside privileged family members (until now of course) that I am about to be one of the youngest grandmothers in the world. My husband just turned 32; this is what late night talk shows joke about!

In case you notice, yes, she is maybe 105 pounds soaking wet and only 4 foot 8 inches. The baby is already over 4 pounds. She is expecting a boy. 

I searched all over the internet for a boy romper pattern. I didn't really want to buy one. I don't like paper ones anyway. They are so complicated! there are A LOT of girl rompers patterns out there (free and sold)...but I wasn't able to find a boy romper I liked. Young babies don't like straps and buttons and zippers. Straps equal nightmare for parents because they don't stay put either! (straps are better for toddlers post potty-trained).

Finally, I decided to make my own. I don't suggest doing this if you are a novice sewer like me. However, money is tight and I need a romper pattern NOW. I wanted one that had a high neckline but was easy to get in and out of. I thought about raglan sleeves, but that required knit. I have that material laying around, but I didn't want to use it. I have my heart set on black corduroy that I plan to embroider the logo of my daughter's favorite band on the front. You can't embroider on knit! (unless, of course, you iron/sew a TON of interfacing on the back....again, uncomfortable for a young baby!).

I'm going to show you my first go round of making the top part of the's called a bodice if you are wondering. Feel free to laugh. I'm okay with it. I know it's ridiculously too large and would fit maybe a 4 year old!

Sizing it down from the original size 2 only made it worse and freakish! I guess I'm a moron when it comes to computers.....

Here was the "final" compilation of different patterns I liked, chopping them up and using what I want my romper to eventually look like.....

For some reason the pants part makes me giggle because they look deformed and weird. However, when cut and sewn together, it won't be so weird....I hope. I have sewn baby pants before ;P .

I barely had enough of the black corduroy to make the outfit. I actually wasn't able to make the 2nd pants piece on the fold. I had to cut it in two pieces. I think I know how to make it work. I am just going to sew it and pretend it's a solid piece. That piece can have a decorative edging or trim...who knows what I will feel like at that point.

Until I get my sewing machine I have been promised with an undefined time frame :( I am going to hit my embroidery hoop again and embroider the Black Veil Brides band logo on the romper. I have a low regard to her favorite band....I hope my romper, computer, and future sewing machine don't self imploded or self combust into flames! Ugh. However, I am sure my mom felt the same one year when she bought me a Guns N' Roses CD. This is a woman who listens to Ray Stevens. Boy was she wanting to gag!

With what is left over of that corduroy, I plan to make a 16 inch by 16 inch pillow. One side will have the corduroy, the other this colorful print from cotton duck. I have already completed the embroidery for the front (corduroy side). See below. When I get my sewing machine, I will put it together and put handmade pretty black organza flowers all around the edges of the embroidery piece. I am too excited!

The wonky purple arrow is showing where my printer printed the  embroidery pattern I made on m y computer.
I left it unfinished in that spot because I wanted to show the progress and what one can do
with their printer and a bit of creativity and imagination.

There are so many details and texture with this particular design I made!
And yes, when ironed (after this picture was taken) the design laid completely flat with no wrinkles or puckers!

Forgive the blur in this photo. :( Think about the organza flowers that will trim this design!
Have a fabulous and creative day!


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    1. Thank you mom! Since this is my very first pattern making, i am going to have my friend from church walk me through making the romper to make sure i did it right. She knows EVERYTHING @ sewing. However, i think i am going to not tell her who Black Veil Brides are especially since she is 70 yrs old and may have a stroke. :$