Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Amazed: Aerial Shots Of Colorful Fields In Netherlands

I have a gajillion pounds of fabric in all colors filed/folded in various bins, boxes, and file cabinets....just waiting for the day I can resume sewing. It's not at all an exaggeration  I've LITERALLY turned into my mother! (She has a tailoring business for the past 30 or so years). I am a fabric hoarder....I guess this is the week of confessions for me...haha.

If I had a bus full of old ladies that make quilts descend on my house, even they wouldn't be able to use up all of the fabric in a week or so!

I came across an unrelated site full of brightly colored landscapes the other day....which reminded me of all of my heaps of fabric. See what I mean below.....

Believe it or not, those are Dutch tulips in the Netherlands! My middle sister would salivate over such beauty (she loves to garden....which I apparently did NOT inherit the gift of doing well). I wonder if that's where tulips for Valentines Day are imported from....hmmmmm......

Even the water in the Netherlands seems to be of surreal color!

I want fabric like this!

If you haven't "had enough" of these gorgeous, colorful pictures, you can see more by clicking here: Aerial Shots Of Tulips in the Netherlands.

Now you know that the Netherlands has more to offer than just legal brothels....they have amazing tulips and flowers! Gotta love a country that can boast both. :P

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