Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Online Fabric Stores For 2013

I have a confession: I am  total nerd when it comes to looking at fashionable fabric. I can stand there in the store or go online and get lost for hours looking at pretty fabric wondering what I would do with it, what awesome outfit or home decor project I would weave in my craft lair. There, I said it. My kids, mostly boys, HATE it when I say, let's go to the fabric store! We only have two in this honky town anyways. And there isn't much selection in either. Still, I enjoy dreaming about the mythical, magical day I can live in a city and sell my sewing wares. Realistically, that day will never happen because my divorce decree forbids me to move and my current (last!) husband may have a major heart attack if he even sticks a pinky toe into a town more than 50K! Ha!

I'm sure I am not the only one stuck in a small town one is not thrilled to live in. For us "country bumpkins" we can only do one of two things: secretly escape (for a day) with a female friend to the city after we duck tape the kids to a responsible adult over age 18; shop online and hope the hubby doesn't find the bill.

The latter seems more feasible to me. Thus, I came across this fabulous article on online fabric stores and who is best. Check it out! The Best Online Fabric Stores For 2013.

One thing I would change about this list...okay, maybe more than one. I no longer like even though they have the greatest prices. I have heard waaaay too many complaints about them filling orders incorrectly or the shipping service being slow, late, or lost. Then, there's the promise of fabric that, sadly, is out stock so one has to discover said disappointment only AFTER the purchase. (GRRRRR). I am glad I have only ordered from them once.

I would have also added to the list. I absolutely LOVE them. They have great customer service, prices, and selection! They even have cheater quilt fabric! ;P

I am personally in love with Spoonflower.....but, I can't afford them at this time. If I ordered their fabulous fabric, I may be the one duck taped to my husband would be very unhappy with that bill!

I am still looking longingly at sewing machines. I am still not permitted to get one. :( But I have fresh hope everyday. I know my hubby would get me one if he could. I have this one model in my sight. It can do EVERYTHING and is amazingly UNDER $200! What a steal!

I am currently making some embroidering fabric canvas art....(which one can obviously do without a sewing machine). I toyed with different bird patterns that I plan to implement with a snippet from a Beatles song that references a bird. The above pattern was a heavy was this one.....

But neither was giving me the 60's vibe that went with a Beatles song. The one below was almost even had musical notes in the background....perfect for Beatles' lyrics! However, it was also Christmas-y. :(

I guess I could tinker around and Photoshop the boughs of holly out of it...but that would be too much work. I don't encompass that sort of patience.....just ask my mom and husband!

This one spoke to me. I love hearts and flowers. But I DON'T like girly and frilly. (I also don't like birds....but that's beside the point). This image is suggestive of flowers and hearts without puking unicorns, My Little Pony, and little girls' rooms onto the viewer(s). :)

Now off to Photoshop where I will insert the Beatles' song lyrics creatively into the above image! I'll update you of the progress soon. The finished project will be on a 7in. X 14in. stretch canvas. What a lovely and unique size!

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